Our service promise

Dry Ice Blasting

Chillys Industrial Services has been serving companies in both Alberta & British Columbia since 2014. Continually striving in health and safety, achieving a SECOR certification in 2016. As a company we have grown with our customer base consistently by providing quality services, accurate pricing and outstanding safety performance. Chillys is pleased to have many references to attest to our high standards of service.

Our Management Team

Chillys is locally owned and operated by George Albert & Liam Graham, both with long histories in Oil & Gas Services. George is a respected entrepreneur and deeply involved community member. Liam has 16 years’ experience, planning/completing turn arounds. With recognized industry success, you can be assured the management team of Chillys Industrial Services will work to find the best cleaning solutions to meet your needs.

Our Product

Dry Ice Blasting

Chillys utilizes Coldjet Equipment an industry leader in equipment. To ensure the highest quality service we buy food grade dry ice from Praxair.

Dry Ice Blasting offers the perfect cleaning solution for those looking to improve productivity, reduce waste and lower costs. The key advantage offered is the ability to perform on-line cleaning with no damage to surfaces.

Dry Ice Blasting uses dry ice particles in a high velocity air stream to remove contaminants from surfaces. The unique make-up of dry ice means no secondary waste which is a huge savings to you the customer.

Solid Dry Ice ( -79° C) is non-poisonous, non-conductive and non-flammable. It has an inherent thermal energy ready to be tapped. At atmospheric pressure, dry ice sublimates directly to vapor without going through a liquid phase. This unique property means that the blast media simply disappears on contact, leaving only the original contaminant to be disposed of. Cleaning is also made possible in water-sensitive areas. For further information on how our product & service can work for you, please contact our management team.

Dry Ice Blasting